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We embroider and print designs on patterns and ready-made products such as clothes (advertising, sports and working clothes), hats, bags, backpacks, towels, bedding, etc.



Is the most durable and smartest way for clothing marking. For embroidery we need an embroidery programme, which is prepared by us, however, we can also use the programme provided by the customer. In addition to direct embroidery, we also do stripes, emblems, school badges as well as individual identification badges.


Heat transfer foils (flex, flock, reflection).

This is a foil cut by a cutting plotter on the basis of a graphic design in the form of vector graphics. The logo prepared in this way is then hot-stamped using a press machine at a high temperature.
The printed design made in this way is extremely durable and accurate.

Solvent printing

Solvent printing allows for full-color printing on clothing with an accurate reflection of tonal transitions. Printing is performed by a printing plotter, cut and welded in with a thermal transfer press.

This technique also allows us to make full-color stickers in any shape and with the use of various self-adhesive foils - from classic stickers to car stickers. For a full range of stickers tailored to your needs, please contact us in the form.


The above-mentioned markings are made on clothes and textiles delivered by the customer. However, it is also possible to order clothes or textiles in our company. To find more information about it, please see the section "OFFER". If you have any questions, please complete the contact form, which can be found in the section "CONTACT"


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